What is the Virginia Endurance Series?

The VES (Virginia Endurance Series) is a series of FREE backcountry mountain biking events, similar to the Southwest Endurance Series following these rules

The routes are mtb dream-come-true, backcountry, ultra-mega, hand crafted, all-day joy rides. VES events are self-supported and self-navigated, though of course people can ride and navigate together. Each route will be detailed and published here on the VES website, and everyone can enjoy these adventures at their own pace. 

Some will use these events as fun training days, or try to set a course record, others will enjoy the challenge and adventure of simply trying to complete one or more of these epics with friends. 

At the beginning of VES events everyone rides together. Then, generally, riders naturally form groups so everyone rides a pace that maximizes their fun. 

Additionally, Jeremiah Bishop had the idea, which I love, that we collect voluntary donations at VES events to help with the maintenance, establishment and official designation of the 480 mile Virginia Mountain Bike Trail.


We're working on the details, and in the near future VES fans and participants will be able to donate to the the organizations that are adopting and maintaining the trails we're having a blast on. 

We want to super stress here that there's no obligation at all to make donations, VES events are FREE and always will be. IF VES riders, fans or anyone that loves mountain biking on trails, would like (and is able) to donate to the groups that maintain the trails that's awesome. 

The very MOST important thing ... is to ride. If we demonstrate that these routes are used and loved - then more resources will be dedicated to maintaining, preserving and expanding them. 

A byproduct of the VES is that incredible and epic Virginia mountain biking routes are being crafted, detailed, ridden and GPX navigation routes are being published and made public ~ so when anyone visits Virginia for some stellar mountain biking fun ~ they can easily navigate and ride themselves silly on a couple of these courses and never want to go home!

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