Tuesday, September 22, 2020

RULES | RockStar Challenge (Draft)

The RockStar Challenge is based on one guiding principle: Cycle a RockStar route (trail, gravel or pave) end-to-end, as fast as possible in a solo, self-supported fashion.

The Particulars:

Who: Any determined cyclist may challenge a RockStar Route at any time, in either direction, to qualify for the RockStar Hall of Fame (HoF).

When:  Anytime. An informal common start date known as the 'grand depart' traditionally kicks off in the spring of each year from Black Sheep Coffee in Harrisonburg VA.

Spirit: Above all, attempts are intended to be solo / self-supported, self-timed, and observed as one stage, i.e. the clock runs non-stop. The challenge is complete upon arrival to the opposite RockStar terminus from start. There are no required checkpoints or designated rest periods on course. There is no finish time cut-off.

Modus operandi: To complete the Route, a rider may resupply food / equipment, rent a room, launder clothing, even service their bike at commercial shops along the way. The intent is to ride unsupported between towns, and function self-supported when in towns. Any services utilized must always be commercially available to all challengers and not pre-arranged[1]. No private resupply, no private lodging. 

RockStar strives for equal opportunity for all riders. Whether doing an independent time trial or tackling the grand départ, RockStar requires that every challenger—from those living along the route to those living on other continents—have an equal playing field. Therefore, outside assistance[2] with navigation, lodging or resupply (especially receipt of supplies from a non-commercial shipper) is prohibited. 

Visitation: RockStar racing is not intended to be a spectator sport! However, route-town locals only may interact with (i.e. visit briefly, cheer on) thru-racers as they pass through their locale. Out-of-town visitation to the RockStar mid-race from challengers' family or friends—even if only a  'loosely-planned', is prohibited. The exception to the visitation rule is Douthat State Park for Trail and Pave riders and Covington for Gravel riders. Anything goes at these locations. Get help and support from anyone, set a stash, get a massage ... the clock doesn't stop ticking but you're welcome to do virtually anything you'd like.

These rules only apply to riders striving to get into the RockStar Hall of Fame in the unsupported category. Completing one of the RockStar Challenge Routes with support can be super fun and for some it's safer too! There are Team and Supported categories in the Hall of Fame! So please enjoy riding a RockStar Challenge route in whatever way maximizes your fun and safety!