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7.10.16 "The Gamut" (Ride or Run Every Trail at Carvins Cove) | VES#8

The 2016 "Gamut" adds 2 trails: Royalty and First Deck! The 2016 route will be the same as 2015 *except* that on Stage 2 after climbing Buck riders turn left and then after rolling a little ways down Brushy Mt turn right down Royalty (instead of going back along the ridge and descending the Gauntlet a 2nd time) and then bear left onto First Deck. Then left onto Horsepen to Lakeside. These fantastic trail additions make the already amazing Gamut v2015 route even better! Enjoy!

**v2015 added Trail Running** Trail runners are welcome and encouraged to participate in The Gamut! :)

"The Gamut" Facebook Event Page

v2015 Stage 1 - LINK | Stage 2 - LINK 
2015 PDF Map & Route Guide

When: 9am Sunday July 10th
Where: Carvins Cove - Bennet Springs Parking Area http://goo.gl/maps/6KASO

After the ride - The out-of-this-world-awesome Parkway Brewing Company​ is just a stone's throw from the start/finish of The Gamut, so when you've had your fill of riding on Sunday 7/10 head over Parkway! https://www.facebook.com/ParkwayBrewingCompany

v2014 Additions GPX FILE
v2013 GPX FILE

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What is the Virginia Endurance Series? LINK

Roanoke is the "2013 Best Trail Town" http://www.blueridgeoutdoors.com/hiking/best-trail-town-2013-roanoke-virginia/ for one reason ... the singletrack at Carvin's Cove.

Download & Print: PDF Map & Route Guide
(11"x17" recommended)
With the sweet trail offerings continuing to expand, riding "The Gamut" at Carvins Cove (every trail in the extensive singletrack system in a single day) has become quite a challenge: 43+ miles with LOTS of climbing.

The absolutely incredible trails, and the corresponding high most mountain bikers experience while riding them, keeps the accomplishment of riding "The Gamut" seemingly within reach (though very few have people have actually done it).

The Gamut consists of 2 stages (see above map). Both stages start and end at the Bennett Springs parking area, which is perfect for refueling and restocking mid-point in the Gamut attempt. Both stages contain numerous bail out options too.

On Sunday July 10th we will meet at the Bennett Springs Parking Area http://goo.gl/maps/6KASO for the 9am start of VES #8 an attempt at riding "The Gamut".

 "The Gamut" Hall of Fame

v2015 Finishers
Steve Powers 6h54m
Doug Cubbage 7h0m
Ryan Fedak 7h19m
Rob Issem 7h47m
Jeffrey Cheng 7h45m
Paul Workman 8h14m
Robbie B 8h26m
Dave Williams 8h26m
Davy Hazlegrove 8h26m
Jay Finkle 11h50m

v2014 Finishers
Jeff Cheng
Sean Mallahan
Ryan Fedak
Matt Childers
Shawn Ricci
Rob Issem

v2013 Finishers
Tyler Smith
Ben Casella
Rob Issem
Paul Workman

Gamut v2014 adds the BRG Gauntlet Jump Line, Lakeside Trail, lower Hemlock Tunnel and the section of Kerncliff between Comet and Jacob's Drop. 

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