Thursday, September 24, 2015

12.6.15 Bill & Red's Most Excellent Adventure | FREE Event #11 in the Virginia Endurance Series

------------------------------NEW DATE!!--------------------------------

view from Big Walker Mtn. over I77 tunnel thru the mountain!

So I hope anyone out there is not disappointed that the Linger Not Mtb. 100 has been changed to this excellent route. This route has been one that I have dreamed of for many, many years. I would say well over 10 years! What has made this route impassable previously was the trail overgrowth of the Big Walker Mountain Trail - aka Monster Rock. Many folks chipped in with clean up, but probably greater than 80% of this trail was hand cleared by two brothers, Bill and Dave (aka Red). These guys dedicated so much time to clearing this AMAZING ridge trail. So, when I heard that it was cleared I knew we had to go do this fatty! and of course give them some creds even though they probably don't want it, just want people to come ride!

Date: 12-6-15

Start Time is 9:00A.M

Starting location directions: The ride will start and finish at the Stony Fork Campground in Wythe County. The website link below will get you there.

Web site for start:

The campground is at the base of our finishing trail, Seven Sisters. One of the best downhills you will experience, ever. Here is the link:



We will be riding from the campground towards Crawfish Valley, climbing Big Walker and traversing the full ridge. This will put us out at Rt. 52 at the Bik Walker Lookout and a fine location for some fantastic sweets, breads and other treats. From there we continue on dirt across the ridge and over I77 tunnel to Turkey trail (hold on tight!). Back to SR 717 (same road campground is on) turn right and roll a few miles of pave to the start of the Seven Sisters grand finale!

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