Monday, June 29, 2015

Q&A Regarding RUNNING being added to all VES Trail Events

How many miles are you going to make us run?
Runners can come and run any distance they will have fun with! There are generally three course length options detailed per VES event, a 10-15 miler, 20-25 and 35+. 
And, like the mountain bikers, runners can turn around and head back to the start / finish at any time. So if you're not up for running one of the full routes, just run in the woods for awhile and turn around when you're ready!
Is there a way to sign up?
There are no registrations in the VES, just show-up, meet other cool kids and go! Each VES event does have a Facebook event associated with it, so if you're planning to come (and you do Facebook) then swing by the FB event and click on "Going"!
Are there any aid stations or other logistics already planned for?
Generally there are no aid stations or course markings at VES events. The route(s) are very well described, and the fun is generally self-supported and self-navigated.
I wish these events weren't on a Sunday. Excludes all of us church goers.
God is present at all VES events, and anyone is welcome to organize a service/worship at the site before or after the event! 
And, we have started adding some Saturday events! The only reservation we have with moving too many VES events to Saturday is that a number of the organizers are bike shop employees who work Saturdays, and have off Sundays.

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