Monday, November 10, 2014

12.14.14 Hoop Hole + Patterson Creek VES Series Finale | FREE Event #15 in the Virginia Endurance Series

  • 8am Enduro Pace 46 miles
  • 9am Fast "Get'r Done" Pace 46 miles
  • 10am Party Pace 11 to 18 miles
All three will conclude at or before 4:15pm so we can all make it to ...

5pm Dinner + Beer at the Town Center Tap House, 90 Town Center St Suite 100, Daleville, VA 24083

10am Party Pace 11-18 miles 
Price + Patterson Route & RIMBA Rolling Open BOD Meeting

10am Start from the South Patterson Mountain Trailhead | Directions
Map: Patterson Creek Trail System MAP PDF
[Route Length Option Examples: 11.3 mile Sulfur Ridge + Price Mt + Kelly Tr Overview Map | 14.9 mile Sulfur Ridge + Price Mt + Patterson Creek Rd Overview Map | 17.8 mile Sulfur Ridge + Price Mt + Patterson Mt Tr Overview Map]
Ride Leaders: Steve Johnson & Jeff Busche
Description: A phenomenal backcountry mtb adventure ride at a friendly comfortable no-rider-left-behind pace. Trail clearing and improvements within the Patterson Creek Trail System have been a sponsored project of the Roanoke IMBA Chapter and local trail superhero Stephen Johnson. The RIMBA Board of Directors will be among those attending this ride and having an informal open rolling board meeting!
10-20 Mile Price + Patterson Ride Start Location
8am Enduro Pace & 9am Fast "Get'r Done" Pace 46 miles
Roaring Run + Hoop Hole + Patterson + Price Epic
(This 46 mile route has loads of bail out options!)
8am = Enduro Pace Group (solid, steady pace, brief stops / regroups) Leader: Rob Issem
9am = Fast "Get'r Done" Pace Leader: Mark Smith 

Description: Gorgeous and very challenging backcountry adventure mtb ride. This route (combining the Roaring Run / Hoop Hole and Patterson / Price trail systems) has never been attempted before. Pioneering this route will be an incredible finale to a fantastic season of VES rides!

Start from the parking lot on Craig Creek Rd / 615 just off 220
1-246 Craig Creek Rd, Eagle Rock, VA 24085

Maps: Full Route Map + Cue Sheet PDF (designed to be 11x17 color printed).
Area Maps: Roaring Run / Hoop Hole: MAP PDF | Patterson Creek Trail System: MAP PDF | TI #788

46 mile ride start location: 1-246 Craig Creek Rd, Eagle Rock, VA 24085

Some will attempt the whole 46 mile adventure, others will enjoy one of the many fantastic shorter options ... the key is to be back to the parking area by no later than 4:15pm so we're all eating and drinking beers at the Town Center Tap House by 5pm!

Patterson Creek Trail System: MAP PDF

Roaring Run / Hoop Hole: MAP PDF

Roaring Run + Hoop Hole + Patterson + Price (46 miles)

Even more details coming soon ...