Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6.22.14 Big Schloss Epic | FREE Event #6 in Virginia's MTB Endurance Series

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36.49 miles / 6596 feet of climbing

This incredible VES route features the northernmost section of the VA MTB Trail and finishes with the legendary Big Schloss downhill.

Start Time: 9am

Start Location: Little Stoney Creek 571 Trailhead on Route 92

[Alternate Start Time / Location = 7:45am / Wolf Gap Campground. It's a 5 mile sweet singletrack ride from Wolf Gap to the official start location above. Map:]

GPX File:
2014 Drawn File:
(Note: this GPX includes the additional trail sections to and from the Wolf Gap campground. Drawn GPX files are not as accurate as actual GPX data files.)

2013 Route *DIFFERENT from 2014* Actual (Ridden) GPX:
Note: this actual 2013 GPX is a good navigational reference for portions of the 2014 route.
2013 Strava: Route Description:

CAMPING: Wolf Gap Campground. Campers wishing to pedal to the start from the Wolf Gap Campground simply ride up the 1004 Mill Mt Trail for 2.75miles to the 415 Big Schloss Cutoff DH and downhill to the ride start. Riders also have the option of taking the short spur trail to check out to Big Schloss proper 1004A! Info on Wolf Gap Campground: LINK

Critical Note: The Big Schloss Epic route is VERY challenging from start to finish. **Please come well prepared.** Bring a water filter, plenty of food, bring all gear needed for basic bicycle repairs and a first aid kit (minimally, something like this In 2013 an exceptional group of more than 20 cyclists attempted a variation of this route, moving time was roughly 7 hours, elapsed time was 9 hours ... and it was an awesome day of epic backcountry adventure mountain biking!!

3 Shorter Options. All start and end at the same location: