Monday, April 14, 2014

Thank you! And, I'm thrilled to announce ... jerseys that are even cooler!!!

Thanks so so much to everyone that came out to the Terrapin Mountain Predicament. I especially want to thank Bill Hazlegrove our VES cartographer superhero and the legend Kyle Inman, the creator of the TMP route.

I can't tell you how many revision, enhancement and tweak requests Bill has to endure and parlay into a thing of beauty for every VES. The Narrows map was the most beautiful we'd made at that point, the TMP map is even more gorgeous AND it adds a number of outstanding navigational assistance features which enable mountain bikers to only carry this map and successfully navigate loads of unmarked backcountry trails. There's no way to thank Bill enough for the massive amount of time he invests / volunteers so that we all can have a blast in the woods on our bikes.

And, a little over a year ago Kyle Inman crafted the TMP route expressly for the Virginia Endurance Series by masterfully linking together rides that he and his friends have secretly enjoyed for years. I trust Kyle like none other when it comes to course creation. He knows what's best, he knows where it is and his routing optimizes the experience of the rider. Don't take my word on this though, go race the XXC at Kyle's "Middle Mountain Mamma" on May 4th

I've been telling everyone that we're going to do another order of VES Factory Team clothing, and we are, but since we're moving toward the hottest months of the year, today I asked Bill Hazlegrove to create a new design using white as a primary color expressly to optimize rider comfort and performance during hot weather.

Not only did Bill deliver, but he took the bold, distinctive good looks of the VES Factory Team jersey to another level of "cool". I couldn't be more excited to introduce the 2014 VES Factory Team "Cool" Jersey:
The *new* VES Factory Team "Cool" design jersey has also been FREE upgraded with 4-way stretch lycra side panels (the same material used in the F1 Aero jerseys) by Starlight to further optimize rider comfort and performance when its hot outside.

And, we're also re-ordering shorts and bibs. These will be unchanged (see below) and will look phenomenal with all three VES Factory Team Jersey designs. 

This round of VES Factory Team clothing will just consist of the "Cool" jersey design, bibs and shorts. Women's, Men's and Youth sizes are available, and all items are club fit. 

Regarding fit, we want you to look fantastic and for your gear to fit and feel exactly the way you'd like, therefore I highly recommend stopping by Starlight Bicycles (1502 Grandin Rd SW, Roanoke, VA 2401) and getting fit / trying on their club fit gear. Also, I will be bringing a fit kit to the 4/28 Double Dawg Dare VES Event so you anyone interested can try on items.

We would love for you to be part of the VES Factory Team. 
The VES Mission = reveal and celebrate the very best backcountry mountain biking destinations in Virginia | offer FREE monthly ride events in these destinations, with volunteer ride leaders and various distance options (something for everyone) | GIVE riders the maps and information they need to explore these areas | help create, enhance and preserve Virginia’s great mountain biking experiences.
Our VES Factory Team is a completely inclusive group of riders, adventurers and titans of mtb fun! If the VES mission sounds and feels good to you, then we would love for you to join the VES Factory Team and you're welcome and encouraged to order team clothing at cost. VES Factory Team members can also be on other club, shop, race, junior or high school teams.

In addition, for every VES clothing item purchased, Starlight Custom Cycling Apparel will donate $5 to IMBA the International Mountain Biking Association!

PRICES: (All prices are cost and Starlight will donate $5 to IMBA for every VES clothing item ordered.)
  • SS Jersey = $50
  • Bibs = $65
  • Shorts = $60
To order, email, include the items, quantities and sizes that you want and a shipping address if you would like the item shipped to you upon arrival (shipping is $6).

This order will be placed Monday 4/29, the turn around time is roughly 4 weeks, so we should have our "cool" new jerseys before the end of May!

Thank you so much for your support! Let's Ride!!!!!

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