Wednesday, February 12, 2014

3.2.14 Nobusiness Divide | FREE Event #3 in the Virginia Endurance Series

Please Share Pictures & Videos: Documenting that the trails included in VES routes are used and loved by mountain bikers helps insure resources will be dedicated to maintaining, preserving and expanding them. Plus it's cool to look back at our adventures! It's easy as 1 - 2 - 3:

  1. Join Dropbox:
  2. Send an email to so I can add you to the VES photo contributors.
  3. Drop your pictures to this folder: 2014 Nobusiness Divide Pictures, & post links to videos in the comments and/or to the Facebook event page 

A Cliff Hatchett super special edition birthday VES ultra-mega tour of Mill Creek and Dismal Falls trail systems! Zero Pavement.

This is a super unique adventure mountain biking opportunity to ride phenomenal, gorgeous, remote trails - many of which were unmapped until Cliff worked with Bill to create the VES Nobusiness Divide Map & Cue Sheet below!

There are 12 mile, 25 mile and 45 mile route options and there are 2 bail out opportunities past the 25 mile point on the 45 mile route. The 45 mile option includes nearly 9,000 feet of climbing on rarely biked trails ... Shut up Legs!

There are no aid stations or opportunities for restocking.

Everyone attempting this should be sure to print the map & cue sheet so that if you somehow get lost and separated from all others you can self-navigate back to the start finish.

Map of start location:

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