Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2.9.14 Pantani Ride | FREE Event #2 in Virginia's Mountain Biking Endurance Series

2.9.14 Pantani Ride 2014

2014 Event Website / Details : LINK
[Route: LINK | GPX File: LINK]

Marco Pantani Ride. Long live il Piratae.

11 AM at 555 Allen Rd Earlysville VA 22936

Not a backcountry mountain biking event, but it is a FREE, epic, mettle challenging ride to celebrate all that is suffering on big climbs in honor of Marco.

Drugs, doping, overdoses aside....dude could ride a bike. Be there!

Last Year: 2013 ride webpage and the Facebook page.

What bike to bring?
2012 1st Place Finisher Gordon Wadsworth: I rode the Superfly HT (Trek Carbon Hardtail 29er MTB) last year and found it spot on. Whatever you bring, bring legs!!!
Shawn Tevendale: I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND a full on road bike unless you have big tires and a lot of gears. Sections of the climb approach 20% and the descents can be loose and have breaking ruts, low marks, rogue animals, and wayward hunting vehicles. Gravel, Gravel, more Gravel.....so....that said.....can a road bike do it: yes, and they have and will....but you had better be a damn good rider on one and be willing to possibly hike some sections....so don't come with new speedplay cleats on unless you really want to break them in.
Also possible, a rainout option could push us to Sunday Feb 16th, although I'm not sure why I'm even mentioning that. If you've ridden Pantani in years past, you know that conditions would have to be outright impassable for that to happen.

fine print
as you all know, this is not a sanctioned, official, real, anything at all. It is just a for fun ride on bikes that happens to see people trying to ride fast against each other. We can't call it a race for legal reasons, so we won't. You could die on this or any other ride....you can't sue us. this is just for fun, nothing more....Marco would go, so should you.

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  1. The Pantani X FB is up! https://www.facebook.com/events/267013583464506/?ref=22