Monday, January 27, 2014

**Riders wanted for the VES Factory Cycling Team!**

**Riders wanted for the VES Factory Cycling Team!**

Riders get a gorgeous VES Factory Team cycling kit at cost, Starlight Custom Cycling Apparel donates $5 to IMBA for every VES clothing item purchased AND by joining the team you're helping to support and promote the hand-crafted, custom, all-day, dream-come-true, FREE bicycling adventures that are the Virginia Endurance Series.

The VES Mission = reveal and celebrate the very best backcountry mountain biking destinations in Virginia | offer FREE monthly ride events in these destinations, with volunteer ride leaders and various distance options (something for everyone) | GIVE riders the maps and information they need to explore these areas | help create, enhance and preserve Virginia’s great mountain biking experiences.

Our VES Factory Team is a completely inclusive group of riders, adventurers and titans of mtb fun! If the VES mission sounds and feels good to you, then we would love for you to join the VES Factory Team and you're welcome and encouraged to order any of the team clothing at cost. VES Factory Team members can also be on other club, shop, race, junior or high school teams.

PRICES: (All prices are cost and Starlight will donate $5 to IMBA for every VES clothing item ordered.)
  • SS Jersey = $50
  • LS Thermal Jersey = $65
  • Bibs = 65
  • Shorts = $60
These are our costs if quantities per item are 12+ (which we expect to reach). If we don't get to 12 on anything you've ordered I'll message you the new cost and you can let me know if you still want to go for it or if you'd like a full refund.
To order simply email what you'd like (item / size / quantity) and your email address. I'll send you an invoice and get your gear on order! Our initial team order will be placed Monday 2/10/14.
Prices listed above are CASH. If paying with a Credit Card add $3 per item to cover the CC fee. If your gear needs to be shipped to you add $6 for shipping to anywhere in the US.

Welcome to the VES Factory Team and thank you so much for your support!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2.9.14 Pantani Ride | FREE Event #2 in Virginia's Mountain Biking Endurance Series

2.9.14 Pantani Ride 2014

2014 Event Website / Details : LINK
[Route: LINK | GPX File: LINK]

Marco Pantani Ride. Long live il Piratae.

11 AM at 555 Allen Rd Earlysville VA 22936

Not a backcountry mountain biking event, but it is a FREE, epic, mettle challenging ride to celebrate all that is suffering on big climbs in honor of Marco.

Drugs, doping, overdoses aside....dude could ride a bike. Be there!

Last Year: 2013 ride webpage and the Facebook page.

What bike to bring?
2012 1st Place Finisher Gordon Wadsworth: I rode the Superfly HT (Trek Carbon Hardtail 29er MTB) last year and found it spot on. Whatever you bring, bring legs!!!
Shawn Tevendale: I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND a full on road bike unless you have big tires and a lot of gears. Sections of the climb approach 20% and the descents can be loose and have breaking ruts, low marks, rogue animals, and wayward hunting vehicles. Gravel, Gravel, more said.....can a road bike do it: yes, and they have and will....but you had better be a damn good rider on one and be willing to possibly hike some don't come with new speedplay cleats on unless you really want to break them in.
Also possible, a rainout option could push us to Sunday Feb 16th, although I'm not sure why I'm even mentioning that. If you've ridden Pantani in years past, you know that conditions would have to be outright impassable for that to happen.

fine print
as you all know, this is not a sanctioned, official, real, anything at all. It is just a for fun ride on bikes that happens to see people trying to ride fast against each other. We can't call it a race for legal reasons, so we won't. You could die on this or any other can't sue us. this is just for fun, nothing more....Marco would go, so should you.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

1.11.15 Terrapin Mountain Predicament | FREE Event #1 in Virginia's Mountain Biking Endurance Series

Link: TMP Facebook Event Page

Location: Jefferson National Forest
near Arcadia, VA

Ride Parking / Meet Up Location:

At 10am on Sunday January 11th mountain bike adventurers will embark on the 3rd annual attempt of "Terrapin Mountain Predicament"! The the "Full" route as crafted by living legend Kyle Inman is 41.9 miles with 9,995 feet of climbing. TripTik is below. | Route Overview: LINK.

There are *loads* of ways to shorten this ride (shorter options are illustrated below) so come and enjoy as much adventure mountain biking goodness as you're up for!

New is a 100+km ULTRA route 62.9 miles, +13,167 feet. This option is only possible for the most fit, experienced and skilled back country mountain bikers. ULTRA Route: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3.

Like all Virginia Endurance Series events, this is FREE! Be well fueled, super hydrated and ready to roll at 10am. Estimated ride time 6.5+ hours.

Note: If you plan to do the full epic (to the summit of Terrapin and looping back) one stream crossing is may get your feet wet, so consider bringing an extra pair of socks.

*Top Tube Frame Sticker*
Legendary Jens Voigt quote and
Virginia Endurance Series mantra.
All riders will be handed one of
these stickers at the ride start.
TMP Full-Course Navigation: 41.9 miles | 9,995 feet
GPX File | How-To navigate with GPX Track Files using a Smartphone or Garmin 800/810

The National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map #789 (Lexington / Blue Ridge Mts) shows most of the Predicaments trails. A scanned copy, with the course marked in as best as I could, is below the TripTik.

The TripTik as written by the legend:
  • Start/finish - bridge over North Creek past campground
  • Go up dirt road to apple orchard trail, which begins with a wooden bridge.
  • Sharp Right turn to stay on the trail.
  • Take Apple Orchard trail 1.2 miles turn left to go over the wood bridge across the creek leading to Parker's Gap dead end.
  • Take Parker's Gap dirt road 2.1 miles to intersection of FS 812.
  • Right on 812 3.1 miles to BRP overlook.
  • Go straight across parkway, look for trail/fire rd on left, go around gate and continue until trail opens up into a field, cross field and 
  • Bear left (NE)out of field onto singletrack 3004 
  • Singletrack opens to grassy 2 track, Salad Hill, still 3004
  • Take 2 track several miles eventually passing through a gate. You will come back through this gate after tackling Terrapin Mt.
  • Go 1 mile to Camping Gap. Terrapin Mt trail is on right, 
  • go around gate to enter Terrapin Mt Trail, up a steeep climb for a few hundred feet, then turn left onto trail marked by yellow blaze to stay on trail (do not go straight).
  • Take trail across ridge. 
  • Gorgeous, technical, very sweet and stop to take in the stunning view off of the left side of the ridge from the rocks near the summit.
  • Trail descent becomes a boulder strewn hike. I think very skilled back country rock riders could ride virtually all of this very technical descent. Classic.
  • Trail dumps onto open road. You'll pick up a lot of speed and be having a blast. Keep your eyes peeled for trail 3009 on right, it's easy to blow by. If you reach a gate you've gone too far - trail is BEFORE gate.
  • 3009 is a nice rolling contour trail around the base of Terrapin, beautiful with easily rideable stream crossings, until you reach the one before the gate. You can stay dry while crossing this one by walking from rock to rock.
  • Go thru gate and turn right to climb along creek on fire road.
  • Eventually arrive at a brisk creek that's wide (maybe 30 feet on 3/3/2013) and 1/2 wheel deep but rideable. You can walk across and stay dry on the left but it's a little tricky.
  • After creek turn right onto trail, climbing, climbing, and then climbing.
  • After a couple miles, a hard switchback right will appear. Take that, bringing you back to Camping Gap just feet from the Terrapin Mt trail from earlier.
  • Take left back up dirt road 3004.
  • Go through gate. Shortly thereafter spot fire road on right, White Oak Ridge 3011.
  • 3011 will present a right turn option shortly thereafter. Stay left.
  • Proceed upwards for about 2 miles, eventually arriving at BRP across from giant golf ball radar dome.
  • Left on BRP to Sunset Field fire road on left, ridden earlier.
  • This time, exit field to right, SW, on Onion Mt section of the horse trail.
  • Trail will climb sharply at first. Stay alert for hard right turn once climbing eases. Trail is marked.
  • Take rough singletrack about a mile to Overstreet road and falls.
  • Take right, upwards, on Overstreet dirt road. Go 1.4 miles to BRP, mostly steep climbing.
  • Take a right, north, on BRP, 2 miles back to Sunset Field overlook on left.
  • Take Apple Orchard Falls trail from overlook down sweet, tech singletrack.
  • Upon arriving at open fire road, take a left. Fire road descends for a bit, climbing abruptly near the end.
  • Stay straight at top of steep climb onto Cornelius Creek Trail. Awesome, you are almost done!
  • Go 2 miles down Cornelius Creek trail, eventually arriving back at North Creek road.
  • Go down North Creek Road to bridge. Done.
The Terrapin Mountain Predicament Route Overview: 
(Red Arrows = Out, Blue Arrows = Return)

    If you print the TripTik and the above map you have a good chance of staying on course.

    Map of Ride Parking / Meet Up Location: 37.54274,-79.585101,

    This ~36 mile route is what most riders were able to complete in the 2013 TMP: [Note: our navigation was not flawless, so while this is an OK reference / overview, for navigation use the GPX file & triptik provided above or this link:]

    North Creek, Apple Orchard and Cornelius Creek 14m 2565ft Option Overview:

    Turn-by-Turn Route Guide for the 14 mile Option: LINK 

    North Creek, Sunset Field, Onion Mt, Hereformost Mt, Apple Orchard & Cornelius Trail Option Overview:

    North Creek, Sunset Field, White Oak Ridge, Apple Orchard & Cornelius Trail Option Overview: