Wednesday, November 27, 2013

12.15.13 Dragon's Back Full-Tour 31.4mi 7300ft | FREE Event #10 in Virginia's MTB Endurance Series

*Important Notice* This VES ride is being relocated! The trails at Carvins Cove would be a mess after all of this rain. The new meeting location is the Dragon's Tooth Trailhead (same 9am start time). 

 There are LOTS of ride length options ranging from 11 to 40 miles. Below are just a couple of sample options. Everyone will start together and then riders can choose the route option that optimizes their fun once on the ridge!

PLEASE SPREAD THIS NEWS. (Note: We will reschedule the CC Gamut - but tomorrow would be a bad day to showcase / enjoy the great trails at Carvin's Cove).

Above is the route I will lead tomorrow: 31.4 miles, 7,300 feet (yes 7,300!)
Full North Mountain Ridge Trail, Left onto FR183, Left onto FR224 Wildlife Rd, Left onto Turkey Trail (climb), Right onto North Mountain Trail, Right onto Grouse Trail (downhill), Left onto FR224 Wildlife Rd, Left onto Deer Trail (climb), Right onto North Mountain Trail - which is an amazing downhill right back to the parking.

Short but Sweeeeet Option:

30 Mile Option:

What is the Virginia Endurance Series? LINK

When: 9am Sunday December 15th
Where: Carvins Cove - Bennet Springs Parking Area

Distance: Stage 1 = ~22miles, Stage 2 = ~18 miles, Full Gamut = ~40 miles ~6000 feet

Roanoke is the "2013 Best Trail Town" for one reason ... the singletrack at Carvin's Cove.

Download & Print: PDF Map & Route Guide (11"x17" recommended)

Download & Print: PDF Pocket Guide (Design for 8.5"x11")

Lights: Any rider starting Stage 2 after 12:30pm should equip their bike with high-quality lights. Lights should be good enough so that you're able to have fun, ride fast, and be safe. Stage 2 is tough with numerous technical sections, and it includes the hardest climb in the Gamut. There are many bailout options, and if you feel like you're unable to continue to ride safely please take one of them. The Gamut is not going anywhere. If you can't safely complete it on 12/15/13 just keep training and come back and go for it another day.

With the sweet trail offerings continuing to expand, riding "The Gamut" at Carvins Cove (every trail in the extensive singletrack system in a single day) has become quite a challenge: 40+ miles with LOTS of climbing.

The absolutely incredible trails, and the corresponding high most mountain bikers experience while riding them, keeps the accomplishment of riding "The Gamut" seemingly within reach (though very few have people have actually done it).

On Sunday December 15th we will meet at the Bennett Springs Parking Area for the 9am start of VES #10 an attempt at riding "The Gamut".

Loads of shorter options are possible, and a video preview of the "The Gamut" v2013 route is below:

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