Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Your trail clearing help is kindly requested.

Ahead of the upcoming 5/19/13 Sandy Gap Ultra-Mega it would be incredible if these three, relatively short sections of trail could be cleared. All of these trails are mountain biking and hiking gems and trail sections 2 and 3 are also parts of the Virginia Mountain Bike Trail.

The time we spend riding and working on these sections of trail helps to preserve and protect these areas. These sections see very little use currently, but the riding, terrain and beauty they offer are all top notch National Forest nectar. If we care for these trail sections, then without question they will be trip highlights for Virginia Mountain Bike Trail riders.

Section 1 is the 2.6 mile Sandy Gap Trail. Reportedly there are a couple of big-ish trees down along the Sandy Gap Trail. The trees are not too hard to carry a bike around, but being able to stay on the bike for this entire super sweet trail would be much more fun. 

Section 2 is a section of the Virginia Mountain Bike Trail, a 4.3 mile downhill from the top of Stoney Run down to 606. The persons clearing this section could make a phenomenal loop ride out of this trail clearing fun - see the 2nd map below.

Park at L which is on 629, ride the McGraw Loop Trail to the Douthat Connector Trail to the Stony Run Trail. Climb Stony Run, turn left at the ridge and descend and trail clear until you reach the left turn for the McGraw Loop Shortcut Trail back to your car.

Section 3 is also a section of the Virginia Mountain Bike Trail, the 4 mile section of the Fore Mt Trail from 606 to the Dry Run Trail / 125D.

Any trail clearing help on any of the three trail sections above is super appreciated. If you are able to help, please email or call 540-537-4896 to let me know, so we won't have a group heading out to clear a section of trail that someone else has already completed clearing. 

Also, we have a USFS Volunteer Services agreement that permits us to perform trail work in these areas from now through the end of May, and I'll email anyone that will be working the trails the safety information that needs to be reviewed before they begin trail work. It's very basic stuff but reading over it and being safe while we work is all part of our maintaining a great working relationship with the USFS.

This past Sunday my son Andrew, Johnny Robinson and I cleared the section of the Fore Mt Trail from the trailhead parking in Covington to the Dry Run Trail (the parking area just below Piney Ridge on the map below). Next Thursday friends and I are headed back up to clear and hopefully re-mark Dry Run. If we have time, and no one has volunteered to clear one or more of the three sections above, then we will try to do some work in those areas as well.