Thursday, April 11, 2013

Warm Spring Mountain *Ridge Trails* ... do they exist?

The questions:

  1. Can you ride on trail from Sandy Gap along the Warm Springs Mountain ridge to 606?
  2. Can you ride on trail from 606 along the Warm Springs Mountain ridge to the Dry Run Trail?
Take a look at the images below and if you can help with this mtb adventure creation please post a comment or call 540-537-4896 or email me

From Sandy Gap, heading southwest along the Warm Springs Mountain ridge, a trail seems to parallel and criss cross along 703 toward 606 ...

And then, when you reach 606, if you turned left (headed southeast) for just a short stretch ...

... it seems like you can turn right, and pick up a trail that continues out along the ridge of Warm Springs Mountain - from 606 to Bald Knob.

and just past the steep northern shoulder of Bald Knob it appears to connect with the Dry Run Trail.

I've ridden up from Dolly Ann Drive (F125) to Bald Knob and then down the Dry Run Trail ... it's a rocky ride.

This GPX file contains the section from Bald Knob down the Dry Run Trail.

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